I make documentaries, news stories and promo videos. Below are a few examples of my previous assignments.


Story for news show "Aktuellt" on Swedish television (SVT). The story is about the controversial radio show TIKAMBE, informing about sexual and reproductive health & rights. The show should be viewed in the specific context of Zambia. HIV prevalence is at 14% making Zambia one of the worst affected countries in the world. Young people are significantly and disproportionately affected by HIV and may be particularly uneducated or misguided about sexual and reproductive health and their rights. Teen pregnancies are high and very few girls return to education after falling pregnant. In what remains a relatively traditional society discussing sex, even safe sex, is still a taboo subject and historically discussions at youth level and in schools have remained minimal. 

We Effect

One of four short films for I've made for We Effect and their project Challenge Poverty (Utmana Fattigdomen). This is Chawezi Chisi from Salima in Malawi telling us about his hopes and dreams for the future.

Rehoboth Foundation

I made this film for the  Rehoboth Foundation, an organisation supporting school projects in disadvantaged areas. The film is shot in the remote Nanjeko Community in Zambias Western Province.

stART Foundation

The stART Foundation is a charitable trust dedicated to the generation and promotion of visual arts practice and arts education in Zambia. This video was shot during a children's workshop led by Zambian/UK artist Emily Kirby.


Promo video for Edulution. This is a Zambian NGO providing effective, affordable education using innovative technology, amazing content and novel coaching methods linked to performance.

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